Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Seasonal Packages. 


We understand that sometimes changes or cancellations may need to occur due to unforeseen circumstances.  Lawn heroes is committed to providing an amazing customer experience and if you must cancel we want it to be as easy as possible for you.   


Simply reach out to our contact us page and send us an enquiry about a subscription cancellation.  


We are happy to offer cancellations with 30 days notice.   If cancelling before the season is ended a cancellation fee will be charged at per visit rate for all previous lawn care provided less any funds already paid.  For instance:  April, may and June you may see 15 visits, however in July and August we may only come bi-weekly.  If you are to cancel in July:  you would be charged a prorated fee less any of your monthly payments for all visits.  

Example of calculations: 

Large lawn care

July 15th cancellation 

Previously Charged: 

March, April, May, June= 920.40 

Total Visits=  17x65 =  1105.00

Cancellation Fee:  184.60** 

**all numbers are not including tax and for example purposes only.  Each client would be evaluated individually.